Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So Many Choices

I started seriously writing about three years ago. I was immediately attracted to writing chapter books. Each chapter is another layer to the story. You don't have to express yourself in one thousand words or less. Not to mention, you have multiple chapters to build fun, lovable characters. Since then, I've written three chapter books in a mystery series that are in edits with my agent, Dawn Dowdle at The Blue Ridge Literary Agency.

What I didn't know three years ago, was just how interesting picture books can be also. Yes, it's definitely a challenge to express your thoughts in a picture book, but I enjoy painting vivid pictures with words. I, now, have over a dozen picture book manuscripts. Katie Ling Fashion Queen will soon be published with AwareNow Publishing. Another is sitting on a publisher's desk as she "thinks about it." That one is keeping me up late at night, praying and dreaming. A third is being queried by my agent.

I am also in the process of converting one of my chapter books into a middle grade novel. Talk about tough. I actually have a Word Document titled "Loose Ends," just to make sure I tie them up. The characters' layers are mind boggling. Even though it's not the easiest thing to do, it has still been a total blast. I get such a rush when I can find the perfect words to describe a wild moment dancing around in my head.

Okay, enough blogging. Time for this writer to take advantage of my son's napping and get some writing done.    :)