Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Four Years Later

For several weeks now, I have been combing through some of my older manuscripts. You know the ones that get put on the back burner for whatever reason. Let me first say that I don't know everything there is to know about writing.

Not even close.

With that out in the open, I will say, WOW! I have learned so much since 2008, when I first stuck my toe in the sometimes FREEZING water of the writing world. I think, just for today-let's say just for the next half an hour or so-I'm going to kick up my feet, drink some delicious water (since I have to snub my nose at my usual sweet tea for the next nine months and pretend water is delicious...again...totally worth it by the way), and bask in the knowledge I've learned thus far.

Do you ever brave the pages of an old manuscript? What are some crazy writing rules that you now have burned into your brain? 

Okay. Time's up. Back to my editing grind, research, and shameless self-promotion.


  1. I started writing for children back in 2008 too. I haven't looked at my 1st ms in so long.

    Here's what I stick by.

    Write it.
    Revise it
    Send it to the critique group.
    Revise is over and over again.
    Send it.
    Move on to then next one.

    I wish I knew to move on after that first ms I wrote. I sat waiting forever. haha

    Krissy do you have a book coming out with Willow Moon?

    p.s. You're blog design is so pretty!

    1. Your steps look a lot like mine, Jennifer. It sounds like we have both learned a thing or two since then. I used to send manuscripts out way too early. Not a good thing :) Yes, I do have a picture book coming out with Willow Moon in the Fall. I'm so excited about it and really anxious to find out who they will choose to illustrate it. Have you worked with Willow Moon? Thanks for the blog compliment. really rocks! Thanks for following and commenting!!

    2. Congratulations on your book coming out in this Fall. That's exciting news!!
      I signed a contract with Ami back in August 2011 to have them publish my first children's illustrated book. My friend Linda Black has one already out through them.
      Thanks for the link, I'll have to check it out.

    3. Congrats to you, too!! Very exciting! Linda's book looks like a good one. It's gotten some great reviews. Again, congrats! I'm looking forward to when yours comes out.