Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Waiting Game

If you've been trying to get published for any length of time, I'm sure you've discovered that waiting plays a huge part. I am currently waiting on one of my favorite publishing houses as they consider a picture book manuscript, waiting on another one of my favs as they "think on" another picture book manuscript, waiting for updates from my agent about a picture book she is querying, and waiting to see the final version of my new picture book "Katie Ling Fashion Queen." Don't get me wrong, I'm totally beyond thrilled that these books are even being considered, but I am definitely a player in the waiting game. To try and keep my sanity, I've entered a Hallmark greeting card contest (which I'm also waiting to find out if I'm a winner at the end of the month) as well as editing stories I've written and brainstorming new ideas, not to mention blogging :) So,if you're in the writing business and patience isn't exactly your best quality (like yours truly) , you may want to keep your mind busy with other projects. Notice I said mind. Yeah, my body's dead tired, a sweet, little eight month old will do that to you!

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