Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Heart is Smiling :)

Today I went to infant story time with my son and his grandparents. We sang songs, played instruments, and listened to the picture book, "Ten Little Ladybugs." I don't think my heart has ever been so happy. Even though my son took it upon himself to grab a little girl's face and hit another kid with a toy (all of which we are working on for next time:) , I was truly overjoyed to see all the sweet faces so excited about the music and story. Every time I'm around kids listening and reading stories, I get so pumped to write. It is such a joy to be doing something that I love and brings smiles to children. I know I sound beyond corny, but corny is probably the perfect word to describe me, and I'm perfectly happy with that.


  1. Being in a good place is wonderful, not corny. There's something beautiful about being happy with yourself and your life.