Friday, June 10, 2011

Rick Mickelson, AwareNow Publishing

I would like to welcome Rick Mickelson to my blog today. He is a publisher at AwareNow Publishing. Rick and I worked together on, his latest project and my debut picture book, Katie Ling Fashion Queen

 Why did you want to become a publisher? 

I wanted to work with creative people and support them in getting their work from inside their ‘minds and souls’ out into the world.  If it was time for someone to give birth to their book, I was willing to be the ‘mid-wife’ in the process.  The role that I sought was one of facilitation.  That is to say, working as a catalyst so that something creative that is ready to come to life, actually makes it into existence.

What is the greatest  challenge in publishing?  

Making money.

What is the most rewarding aspect of publishing?   

Holding the finished product (a book) in your hands and going through it for the first time as you receive the first print run.  To realize that you have worked with a creative person to create something worthwhile, something of value, from nothing.  That realization produces a heavy dose of satisfaction.

What would make an author want to sign with AwareNow Publishing instead of another publisher.  

AwareNow Publishing does not follow a “corporate model”.  Its primary purpose is work with individual authors, in partnership, to bring creative products into the world.  To this end, authors will find that our publishing house works hard to support and encourage them in every possible way, trusting that the creative processes occurring are happening for very important reasons.  While our company seeks to be compensated fairly for the work and services provided, the primary ‘modus operandi’ is not simply to ‘make money’ at any or all cost.  There is a higher purpose involved.

Is there anything else you would like people to know?   

Yes.  We are expanding our book offerings to include:- Children’s Books, Books on Personal Growth and Transformation, Memoirs and General Interest Books.

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  1. Great interview! I'm headed over to Awarenow to check it out! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks Julie! Glad it was beneficial.