Friday, December 16, 2011

Review of "It's Time to Sleep, My Love"

Eric Metaxas' It's Time to Sleep, My Love is the one book in George's bedtime basket that makes him smile every time I pull it out. King George immediately nestles into my lap while sticking his wiggling hand into the air and anxiously anticipating the most important job during story time; page-turning.

George cuddles close as I read the enjoyable rhythmic text and we both soak in Nancy Tillman's gorgeous illustrations. I feel all warm and fuzzy while reciting, It's time to sleep, my love, my love, to my sleepy son.

Like many picture books, there are several lines in the story that a child may not understand, but I definitely think the repetition, beautiful animal illustrations, and whimsical feelings are worth the explanation. So, if you are looking for an enjoyable bedtime read, It's Time to Sleep, My Love may be just the book for you.


  1. Intrigued by your, "there are several lines in the story that a child may not understand..." Do you think an author should choose to NOT include words/ideas "beyond" the intended age range? Though I don't write material for kids, I would guess it may help to have some words/ideas that encourage parent and child to figure them out. Your thoughts?

  2. Interesting question, Larry. I really meant that as kind of a disclaimer to parents. Sometimes parents buy books for their children to take to school and read during their independent time or quiet times at home. I think that putting more difficult words/ideas in stories can be great conversation starters, and I did the same in Katie Ling. I just wanted parents to be aware that this book may need some explanation before it becomes an independent reading time book and to remind parents that those conversations are necessary for their child's comprehension of the text. It's so easy to forget while we're reading to explain and especially if our kids don't ask. I hope I answered your question. Thanks for the comment!!!